Convert an Existing Training

We provide the resources to convert your existing instructor-led training into interactive on-demand Online Learning.

convert-training-iconHow do we do it?

We partner you with an experienced, and talented Online Curriculum Development Consultant who will collaborate with you through the entire process.

We understand how learners learn best through online media and we customize a training solution that meets the needs of these learning styles: 



A visually-dominant learner absorbs and retains information better when it is presented in pictures, diagrams and charts.


An auditory-dominant learner prefers listening to what is being presented. He or she responds best to voices, such as in a lecture or group discussion. Hearing his own voice repeating something back to a tutor or trainer is also helpful.


A kinesthetic-dominant learner prefers a physical experience. She likes a "hands-on" approach and responds well to being able to touch or feel an object or learning prop.

We support a variety of media including audio narration and video (auditory learners), interactivity (kinesthetic learners) and images and infographics (visual learners).

The Online Curriculum Development Consultant will create a design document, storyboard and rapid prototype your project saving you time, and money.

Be certain your content will connect with your learners.

Are you ready to get the resources and help you deserve?