Casual Dining Manager Training


This organization is the leader in using mobile technology to support processes and employees in hospitality. 

As with many industries, the casual dining sector is a highly competitive and evolving market with a considerable war for talent. 

To attract and retain talent, restaurants must have an innovative and comprehensive training program. 


Training Challenge

When this casual dining company reached out to us, their brand and culture had evolved drastically. They conducted many focus groups to better understand their learners and what was missing from the current training. 

They needed help restructuring and updating the program, to fit these newly documented development needs. 

The casual dining restaurant set an ambitious goal of updating the training in an aggressive timeline. They knew their learners needed and wanted the updated program, and so they committed to delivering. 


Training Solution

We began by reviewing the data and feedback captured in the focus groups, and then reviewing the current training schedule. 

We needed to make major updates to the flow and order of the existing training to accommodate the learner feedback. Newly hired Managers wanted to learn the kitchen before learning the dining room. 

We revised the training schedule and then restricted and ordered the existing mobile training courses.

The new program allows newly hired Managers to learn the inner workings of the kitchen and all aspects of food preparation, before interacting with guests. 

New mobile courses were created to enhance health and safety knowledge transfer. 

Project was completed ahead of schedule.


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