New Hire Onboarding


Many organizations are recognizing the importance and need for a structured new hire onboarding program. Onboarding is the process of integrating new hires into an organization. It ensures they feel welcome, and have the knowledge, and skills to become members of the organization. 

The onboarding process conveys the organization's brand, and explains the company's values, culture and mission. 

A successful onboarding program includes ongoing communication, feedback and performance measurement. These are all keys to employee loyalty and satisfaction. 

An energy provider recently contacted us seeking new branding and structure for their existing onboarding program. They wanted to update the branding and improve the flow and function of the program. The goal was to improve the onboarding process and create an image and brand consistent with the culture. 


The Challenge

Sometimes onboarding programs sit on a shelf and gather dust, while the organization continues to evolve. Since onboarding is designed to convey the company's values, culture and mission, it is important to keep these programs updated and aligned with the organization's evolution. 

When this energy provider contacted us, their challenge was to improve the visual design of their existing new hire onboarding program, and create a new brand logo. They wanted something that aligned with the current brand theme.  


The Solution

All creative design began with a thorough analysis of the new hire and the company culture. As such, we developed a clear insight on the client need and new hire target audience. 

We then began building visuals, and language that meshed with the energy industry. 

We reviewed the existing onboarding program and proposed design and facilitation enhancements that would elevate the program, to ignite the potential in the new hires. 

Our team developed a new hire onboarding logo, along with a facilitator guide, and participant guide. 


"Torch took an overwhelming project and made it happen. Torch helped clarify expectations and requirements and then made them happen in a brand right, effective deliverable."

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