Why use us for your instructional design training project?

Because we know our stuff.

Experience: We have over 15 years experience assessing training needs and are proficient at creating custom training that is sure to ignite the potential in your teams.

Our Instructional Design Consultants have extensive experience and training in the following Learning and Development principles:

  • Instructional Design Methodology (SAM, and ADDIE)
  • Adult Learning Theory (Andragogy)
  • Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation
  • Blooms Taxonomy
  • Neuroscience
  • Behavioral Psychology

The ADDIE Instructional Design Model

Our Instructional Design Consultants use a model called ADDIE (or similar). This process identifies the training needs and desired outcome so we are able to recommend the best training strategy. Below is the entire project process.



We meet with you and your subject matter experts to identify performance, skill and knowledge expectations. What aren’t they doing, that you want them to do?



We then create a training plan including learning objectives, training duration, delivery method, and activities. This is a blueprint for the training.



Once you’ve approved the design, we build the training. This may be instructor led resources like a facilitator guide and participant guide or it may be online training. The delivery method depends on the analysis conducted.



If you can’t implement the training, then all that work was for naught. We have extensive experience rolling out major training initiatives, both via technology and through people. We offer train the trainer sessions for instructor led training and integrate content into Learning Management Systems.



If you don’t measure it, how will you know it was effective? Great question. We can help you figure out the best medium for measuring the success of your training through Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation.


Are you ready to get the resources and help you deserve?